EasyCopy v1.0

Enter a key and the text you need to copy in the boxes below. Once submitted, the copied content can be accessed
by using the same key within a time period of 60 seconds.

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Direct Link Guide

The EasyCopy service can also be used more directly, without the use of the front end interface
provided in this webpage. Users can pass the required arguments directly via the URL and retrieve
the results. The example below demonstrates how content can be saved and retrieved using direct links.

Suppose we need to copy the message "Test Message" and paste it elsewhere. In order to save content to
the EasyCopy system, we need to pass two parameters, key and val. The alphanumeric text you
provide as the key will be an identifier for your copied text. In this example, the word "TestKey123"
will be used as the key. Therefore in order to copy the message, you need to construct and visit the
web URL as shown below:

http://easywebcopy.i-realitysoft.com/copy?key=TestKey123&val=Test Message

If the data copies successfully to the database, the website will display a "<Data saved>" message.

To obtain the submitted data from elsewhere, you should omit the val argument, and only provide the
correct key. Hence, the following URL would simply return "Test Message" in plain text.


If there is no text with the given key parameter, or if the 60 seconds allocated for each message has
expired, the webpage will return a "<No results>" message.

Written by Savithru Jayasinghe
© 2013 i-Realitysoft